About Serving Our Seniors

78655562All of Serving Our Seniors Programs are designed as the services of last resort. This means Serving Our Seniors will not duplicate a program to help senior citizens if one already exists. Instead, we make every effort to assist eligible clients to enroll in the existing program. When there is no program that fulfills the older person’s needs, those who qualify will be helped through Serving Our Seniors programs.

All services and programs are designed to enable individuals to afford the cost of service. If they cannot afford the cost of a particular service, Serving Our Seniors will help them by sharing the cost with the client. We refer to this as cost-sharing. By cost-sharing, Serving Our Seniors is able to consider an individual’s circumstances and arrange for the older adults to pay what they can afford in an amount that will not cause a financial hardship.

Dedicated to helping Erie County Seniors maintain their independence.


Serving Our Seniors and its staff are here to help you live independently in your home. We have many programs designed to help seniors with their needs. Our advocates are passionate about the work they do and have the training and the experience to help you with any questions, concerns or problems you might have, from drug costs, home repairs, hot meals and transportation…to something as simple as a piece of mail you are unsure you should respond to.

Serving our Seniors Advocates have a 96% success rate in solving client calls. Call one of our Advocates today at 419-624-1856 with your concern.