Sue Daugherty

Sue Daugherty is the founding executive director of Serving Our Seniors. Under her direction, Serving Our Seniors has established a reputation as an innovative and exceptionally well-managed organization that provides professional, effective and personalized service to Erie County senior citizens. In addition to managing the day-to-day operations, Sue focuses on identifying emerging issues, developing solutions and building collaborations. Sue is also a columnist and blogger for the Sandusky Register. Sue has been with SOS since 1996. She holds a B.S. in Recreational Studies with a major in Exercise Physiology; a Graduate Certificate in Gerontology and a Masters of Public Administration. She also maintains her Nursing Home Administration License.


Chris Ferguson

Chris Ferguson is the Quality Assurance Manager. She knows every program, service and procedure inside and out. She’s the person our advocates turn to for guidance when difficult issues arise. Chris has been with Serving Our Seniors since October 1998.


elmingerTina Elmlinger, RN

Tina Elmlinger, RN, is Serving Our Seniors’ Affordable Medications Coordinator. She helps clients obtain affordable medications at low to no cost from pharmaceutical manufactures through Serving Our Seniors’ Drug Repository Program. Tina has been with Serving Our Seniors since February 1999.


poolAnthony Pool

Anthony Pool is a full-time Senior Advocate. assists Erie county residents, age 60+ who are facing complicated issues and their ability to maintain their health and their independence is being compromised.   Much of his time is working with older adults, one on one and frequently makes home visits to help resolve questions/problems/concerns.  Anthony has been with Serving Our Seniors since 2004.



rodriguezNancy Rodriguez

Nancy Rodriguez is a part-time Senior Advocate Assistant. She works to resolve questions/problems/concerns of Erie County residents age 60+ in order for them to maintain their independence. Nancy has been with Serving Our Seniors since May 2006.



995781.wendyWendy Boyer

Wendy Boyer is a Senior Advocate Assistant.  In 2009 she started to work at Serving Our Seniors as an Human Services intern and became a permanent part-time Senior Advocate Assistant.  Today, Wendy is a full-time Senior Advocate Assistant and helps Erie County residents, ages 60+ resolve questions/problems/concerns affecting their ability to maintain their health and independence.


Brenda Henry

Brenda was hired in October 2017 as the full time Office Manager for Serving Our Seniors.    She is the first person you will meet when you walk into our office.  Brenda manages the day to day accounting responsibilities and keeps the records of all of the business conducted through Serving Our Seniors office.


Anna Moses

Anna began working with Serving Our Seniors while working on her Associates Degree in Human Services at Bowling Green State University – Firelands College.  As an independent study project, Anna worked with individuals who are living independently while coping with early stage Alzheimer’s disease .  In April 2017 Serving Our Seniors hired Anna to work as a part-time Senior Advocate Assistant.  She has also worked as a part-time Medicare Part D Advocate.


Barb Hanck

Barb began working for Serving Our Seniors in January 2018.  She has extensive fund-raising and grant writing accomplishments for the Sandusky Library, The Erie County Community Foundation and Goodwill to name a few.    She writes grants and coordinates our special events to help fund Serving Our Seniors work to provide direct assistance to Erie County’s 60+ population.