Donate Items

Over-The-Ear Hearing Aids

Serving Our Seniors is in need of unwanted over-the-ear hearing aids. (Beltone and Miracle Ear Hearing Aids cannot be reused by Serving Our Seniors). The hearing aids are refurbished and refitted to treat hearing loss of our clients who need, but cannot afford a hearing aid.

Packages of disposable undergarments

Serving Our Seniors accepts unused, disposable undergarments and distributes them to those who need, but have difficulty affording disposable undergarments.

Diabetes Testing Strips

Serving Our Seniors accepts unexpired diabetes testing strips and gives them to Erie County Seniors Citizens who need, but can’t afford the high cost of testing strips.

Unwanted cell phones & Ink Jet Cartridges

Serving Our Seniors is seeking unwanted cell phones and ink jet cartridges. Volunteers sort and package the items for reimbursement of 10 cents to $5.00 per item. Proceeds are used in our efforts to Prevent Financial Elder Abuse in Erie County.