Information is power and our Senior Advocate and the Senior Advocate Assistants have the information and the knowledge to resolve questions/problems/concerns that jeopardize quality of life and one’s ability to maintain their independence as they age.

Serving Our Seniors does more than answer questions, we can also help pay for of the services that we have to offer – if you lack the financial means to afford the help that you need.

Our help and support is limited. If you have the ability to live in your own home without extensive amounts of care or supervision to support your lifestyle, you are someone we can assist. However, if you need a person to stay with you for hours at a time, to be on call; to provide care and assistance with getting out of a chair, onto/off of a toilet, or lift you out of bed, your care needs are beyond what Serving Our Seniors is able to provide.

Call Serving Our Seniors for more information at 419-624-1856 or 800-564-1856.