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Age Doesn’t Matter
Meet Diane Schaefer
Meet Diane Schaefer, age 67, an Aquarius and a lover of the water.
Best of all she is an active scuba diver! At age 37 she became
certifed as an “Open Water Diver”, taking classes at the Sandusky
YMCA with instructors Dale McCutcheon and Tom Patterson. She
has been diving in Lake Erie around Kelley’s Island,
but prefers warm water diving. “I don’t like the
bulky 7 mm wet suits required to dive in Ohio”.
Shortly after earning her certifcation she went to
the Bahamas a couple of times. Poor eye sight
kept her from appreciating all that could be seen.
On one trip she mistook a harmless fsh for a shark,
hyperventilated & came up after 5 minutes with no air. On another
dive in Key Largo she was “buddied” up with someone who had been
out partying the night before. “He was ill and we had to come up after
15 minutes. After that I always tried to be the dive master’s buddy so I could get the
most air time”.
Today she dives in Puerto Vallarta two to three times a year for fve weeks at a time.
She has fallen in love with the Mantas. Thanks to RK eye surgery and cataract surgery her vision has
returned. “Now I truly appreciate the beautiful artistry of Mother Nature. Diving is like being in another world”.