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From the
Our cover story is about the positive change our
culture is experiencing in later life. Inside you will
read about four inspiring adults who represent “old”
as being “vogue”. They are proud of their age and
they are happy to show it off! Each one is redefning
the word “old”, in their own way with their “can do”
attitude. They are making the most out of each day by
embracing life and the people in it. You can, too!
As you read, you will also see that aging is not all
bliss. This issue of the magazine contains articles that
describe some awful truths about humanity and the
abuses perpetrated against people of older age. As
demoralizing as it may be, it is necessary for all older
adults to become wiser about whom they choose to
depend on for care and fnancial security.
Our calendar of events is plentiful. I hope you
participate. Only through the power of engaged people
– which must include people of older age – can we
make Erie County a compassionate community that
supports aging independently and with dignity.
Last, but not least, please join me in thanking the
businesses whose ads you see in this issue. They are
paying for the printing and the postage that allows this
magazine to arrive in your mailbox, free of charge. You
can show your appreciation by letting the businesses
know you have seen their ad in the April-June 2014
issue of Serving Our Seniors Magazine.
-Sue Daugherty