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800-564-1856 419-624-1856
Firelands Regional Medical Center Inpatient Rehabilitation Center:
Therapy provided a minimum of 15 hours per week
Therapies provided by a consistent staff
Physicians and nurses specialized in Rehabilitation Medicine
ER back-up on site
Physicians are accessible daily & medically manage patients daily
Other Rehab Programs
(Nursing Home or Skilled Nursing Rehab Programs):
Usually only 3–5 hours of therapy provided per week
Therapy is often provided by contract therapists
Physicians are only required to see patients monthly
Inpatient Rehab Center
Now located at 1111 Hayes Avenue, Sandusky
All New!
The Inpatient Rehabilitation Center at Firelands Regional Medical Center provides
an intensive level of care which translates into a faster recovery and better outcomes
for our patients.
Check out what makes us different!
Find a full compare list at
Actively Aging
Meet Mike Meinke, 70 years, and a resident of Norwalk.
He started biking at age 44. He never thought about
giving it up at 60 or 65 years old because he loves the
challenge and it keeps his waistline down.
On April 2, 2013, his wife, Joyce, gave him a brochure,
“America By Bicycle” with a personal note that said, “I
think you can do this”. He looked through it and agreed
- “I think I can do it, too”. On June 2, 2013 he set out to
ride across the U.S. in 52 days, with 19 others. He started
in San Francisco and ended in New Hampshire. He was
the oldest. The youngest was 16.
They were up and at’em at 5:30 am and on their bikes at
daylight. They didn’t ride as a group. They rode on their
own. Mike averaged 80 miles per day, riding 12 - 13
miles per hour. Typically he fnished at 3:30 pm. Over the
52 days he lost 15lbs and had incredible leg strength.
While riding through some States it is not uncommon to
be traveling 41 mph downhill. He explained, “You can’t
apply your brakes because the rims will heat up, cause
the tube in your tire to heat up and burst. You just hold
on and go. That’s all you can do”!
His advice to others who would like to scratch this
off their bucket list, “Look into or It’s tiring/fatiguing, but it caused
me to have to really dig down deep inside myself to
accomplish it and it has built my confdence. I’m glad
I did it”.