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“living is a continuation of learning. You can’t stop”.
He lives by a philosophy that if you choose to stop
learning, that is when you have become old.
His friends include people who are the age of his son
and his grandsons. “Younger friends help you to stay
in tune with the younger generation. It also gives me
the opportunity to share what I have actually lived
through. For example, how we managed to survive
the Great Depression and living through a Jim Crow
segregated community. They can learn not by reading
about it, but because I’ve lived it.”
Cora Williams, 67
“I have never
been 67 before, so I feel good
about my age. I have a dear
friend who has grey hair and I
fnd it very attractive on her. I don’t
dye my hair, I don’t think about my
age. I’m just thankful for my health. I
enjoy church and family time is very
valuable to me.”
She has always engaged life and she continues to
do so. “I enjoy being with my friends and travel”. Age
hasn’t diminished her confdence. She likes to travel
by herself, as well as traveling with her friends and
with her church.
“I have always had a love for younger people and
mingle with them at church. They keep me energetic”.
She has been the secretary for New Jerusalem
Church for the last 18 years.
Her advice is “Don’t get hung up on age. Just enjoy
every day to the fullest”. That philosophy must pay
off. Recently, Cora was recognized at an appreciation
banquet as a “Women of Inspiration” an event
sponsored by Uniquely Yours.
“Age is an issue of mind over matter. If you don’t
mind, it doesn’t matter.” –
Mark Twain
There is a fountain
of youth: it is your
mind, your talents, the
creativity you bring to
your life and the lives of
people you love. When
you learn to tap this
source, you will truly
have defeated age.”
Sophia Loren
“Aging is not lost
youth, but a new stage
of opportunity and
Betty Friedan
“Too many people, when they get old, think that
they have to live by the calendar.” –
John Glenn