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Serving Our Seniors is someone to call when you need help.
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Since 2008, the economy has not been friendly to
those who were preparing for retirement. Many were
downsized/closed out of a job through no fault of their
own. This was the case with Russ Burmeister. Married
with six children, one of whom is presently in the military
and one who still is in school.
I interviewed Russ, age 62, when I learned that he
graduated from EHOVE School of Practical Nursing as
an LPN at age 60. That was in 2011. He’s a renaissance
man. He still rides his Harley motorcycle. He was in
the US Army for over 20 years, in infantry and later in
recruiting. After retiring from the Army, he began another
20 year career as a truck driver and later as a terminal
manager at South Shore Transportation Company. Laid
off in 2008, he found himself out of work.
“I decided that early retirement wasn’t for me, and what
a great time to try something absolutely different in my
life”. After talking to (the several) nurses in his family,
he decided he was up to the challenge and applied to
EHOVE’s LPN program.
Successfully Aging:
Reinventing Yourself In Later Life
When he began classes, he was a little hesitant
because it had been so long since he had been in a
school environment. He knew he was the oldest student
in the class, but that fact didn’t matter to him or the
other students. “We were all there to learn, and we
all helped each other to succeed. It really did feel
like family.”
Russ graduated Valedictorian of his class of 2011.
Today, he is a staff nurse, caring for his fellow veterans
at the Ohio Veterans Home in Sandusky. It’s not an
easy job, but he very much enjoys the work. “As an
old combat soldier myself, it’s very satisfying helping
to care for my brother veterans as a member of OVH’s
capable staff and management”.
By Sue Daugherty
Tax Planning & Preparaton
Estate & Gif Planning
Healthcare Cost Analysis
Gifing Strategies
Retrement Planning
Estate & Trust Return Preparaton
Business Succession Planning
Social Security & Medicare Planning
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Our experts use planning to help you avoid the bad ones.
Some Surprises Are Good
Understanding Wealth Transfer
Attorneys John Ball, Michael Brumbaugh, and John
Frankel will sit on a panel and answer questions you
may have about passing down your assets to those
you love/care about. If you have ever wondered
about: What is estate recovery? What is probate
and why do I need to avoid it? What is a Trust?
What is a Revocable Living Trust? Are there tax traps
in planning who receives my inheritance? What’s
good and bad about having a POA for Finances? .
Reservations of 25 or more are required. For details
see the Calendar of Events on page 4.