July - September 2019

Sue Daugherty, Director Serving Our Seniors Report to the Community 6,829 Calls to Serving Our Seniors for Assistance 32,699 Actions Taken / Assistance Provided Nutrition 12,917 Hot Home Delivered Meals 330 Meals for Community Gatherings Transportation 1,025 Subsidized Transportation Clients 9,298 Subsidized Rides 224 Out of Town Trips 164 Out of Town Clients Priority Programs 31 New Ramps Installed 127 Ramps in Service 81 Handyman Services Services to Support Independent Living at Home Education Offered Medicare Education 740 Individual Counseling Sessions Financial Literacy Education 179 Individuals Attended Programs Forums on Topics for Sucessful Aging 126 Individuals Attended Reported as of 1st Quarter, FY 2019 Hello, Summer! We look forward to seeing you soon at our two summer events at Cedar Point Sports Force Park Serving Our Seniors Night on July 18, and Seniorfest at the Erie County Fairgrounds on August 9. Serving Our Seniors kicked off summer in May, when our volunteers participated in four days of intergenerational learning with Perkins and Sandusky High School sociology students. The volunteers talked about what it was like to live through the Civil Rights Movement in the 1960’s, while other chatted, or played board games with the students. The purpose of the exercise was to give students the opportunity to see how interesting and fun “old people” actually are. Of course, the old people already knew the students would be great, because after all, seems it was just yesterday when we were their age. Time flies! School’s out for the summer—enjoy the sunshine! Best regards, Sue Kathy Hammond shows Sandusky High School students how to be a gracious winner as she creams them at Parcheesi. Like us on www.servingourseniors.org 3