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Stein Foundation Gives $10,000
To Support Sandusky’s Hot Home Delivered Meals Program
On August 5, 2014 The Sam S. and Rose Stein
Foundation gave Serving Our Seniors $10,000. The
funds were granted to help the Erie County Senior
Center meet its expenses for its Meals on Wheels
Program. The Erie County Senior Center, located at
620 E. Water Street in Sandusky cooks, packages and
manages the delivery of hot home delivered meals
for all of Erie County. It is the Older Americans Act (a
federal grant) that funds the meals delivered in the city
limits of Sandusky.
The Director of the Erie County Senior Center, Carol
Lloyd, said that the Older Americans Act grant is not
keeping up with the increasing costs of food and
equipment. The Erie County Senior Center is in need
of more volunteers to deliver meals and more money to
buy food and equipment.
Thanks to the Sam S. and Rose Stein Foundation the
Collaboration Delivers:
Sandusky Transit System Has a New
Bus Thanks to Erie County Community
Foundation, ODOT and Serving Our Seniors
Serving Our Seniors applied for a 5310 grant from the
Ohio Department of Transportation. ODOT provides the
vehicle for 20% of the cost of the vehicle. Thanks to The
Erie County Community Foundation, Serving Our Seniors
received a $4,474 grant toward the bus and Serving Our
Seniors paid the other $4,474 with its own budget. (Serving
Our Seniors is funded by the Erie County Senior Services
Tax Levy).
On June 10, 2014 a new mini-bus arrived. This mini-bus
has been designated to service the Vermilion area.
Sue Daugherty, Director of Serving Our Seniors (L),
hands a $10,000 check to Lee Wade, (center) Kitchen
Manager and Carol Lloyd, Director of the Erie Co.
Senior Center.
Erie County Senior Center can breathe a little easier.
The $10,000 was granted to cover the expenses of
providing Sandusky senior citizens with a healthy,
balanced lunch delivered to their home. Serving
Our Seniors and the Erie County Senior Center
appreciate this wonderful donation!
Collaboration Delivers:
And remember, you have access to these preventative,
diagnostic and treatment services:
• Diagnostic Heart Catheterization
• Cardiac Stress Testing
• Cardiac Nuclear Stress Testing
• Echocardiogram
• Transesophageal Echocardiogram
• Cardioversion for Atrial Fibrillation
• Pacemaker and AICD Implantation
• Pacemaker and AICD Device Checks
• Cardiac Rehabilitation
• Peripheral/Extremities
- Diagnostic Ultrasound
- Diagnostic Angiogram
- Surgical or Endovascular
Stent Intervention
• Carotid Artery
- Diagnostic Ultrasound
- Diagnostic Angiogram
- Surgical or Endovascular
Stent Intervention
• Vascular Access for Dialysis Patients
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