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The Erie County Senior Center & Serving Our Seniors
Encouraging Successful Aging
in Different Ways
Many people confuse the Erie County Senior Center
with Serving Our Seniors. They are two different
organizations. The Erie County Senior Center,
established in 1976, is funded by the Older Americans
Act through the Area Agency on Aging. (The Older
Americans Act was frst established in 1965 to address
the lack of community social services for older
persons.) The Meals on Wheels program is primarily
funded through these Federal and State funds.
Today, its emphasis is on maximizing the health and
well-being of senior citizens. The Erie County Senior
Center is located at 620 East Water Street.
All of the Home Delivered Meals, about three hundred
per day, are produced and delivered from this site. The
rural meals are funded by Serving Our Seniors.
Lunch is served at the Center Monday through Friday
at a minimal donation of $3.00. Many activities,
especially those that promote health and wellness
such as yoga, are offered daily. Many card clubs and
opportunities for crafts are available. A thrift shop,
gift shop and library are conveniently located at the
Center. Day trips and opportunities to travel greater
distances are part of the program. Please check the
Serving Our Seniors
was founded in 1996 by a
local group of Erie County senior citizen activists who
wanted a “one-stop-shop” if they had a question/
problem/concern affecting their ability to maintain
their independence. Serving Our Seniors is funded
by local taxpayers through the “Erie County Senior
Services Tax Levy”, private donations, local grants and
volunteers. Serving Our Seniors is located at 310 E.
Boalt Street – Sandusky.
As a geriatric social service, Serving Our Seniors
advocates for the rights of older people to maintain
their independence. We provide programs & services
to aid and support them in achieving this goal.
By Carol Lloyd, Director of the Erie County Senior Center & Sue Daugherty, Director, Serving Our Seniors