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800-564-1856 419-624-1856
Diagnosed with breast cancer at age 62, Mary
was devastated.
With the help of University Hospitals Seidman Cancer Center at
Firelands Regional Medical Center, Mary found the strength to persevere
and to inspire others.
to read how Mary and her “Huggable Memory” bears
encourage others. We also invite you to share your story.
701 Tyler Street Sandusky, Ohio 419-557-7480
Curing cancer every day.
Can I Get Paid To
“Can I get paid to care for my parent?”
It’s a common question. Velvet Ellis,
Supervisor of Consumer Directed Care
at the Area Offce on Aging of NW Ohio,
says in some cases you can.
For example a one-person household
making $1,406 – $2,162 might qualify for the State of
Ohio Medicaid Waiver Program to pay for your caregiver.
Space prevents me from going into detail about
fnancial eligibility.
Velvet explains, “Consumer direction is when the person
who is receiving the care is also acting as the employer.
They hire who they want to provide their care. The
consumer – who is the person receiving the care – has
to have the ability to act as the legal employer. If they
cannot fll this employer role, the consumer can appoint
someone to function for them. That person must have
an understanding of the consumer’s needs and an ability
to monitor that their needs are being met; and able to
submit paperwork.”
For the State of Ohio to pay for the caregiver of the
consumer’s choosing, the consumer has to be in the
Medicaid Waiver Program at the Area Offce on Aging,
and meet a specifc level of care. For example: The
consumer would need help with two or more of the
following: Bathing, dressing, and/or hands-on assistance
with mobility; taking their medications correctly; or need
24 hour supervision due to a cognitive impairment.
To learn more, come to our public forum entitled: “Can
I Get Paid To Care for My Parent?” October 22, from
10am - noon, Erie Co. Offce Building, 247 Columbus
Ave. (downtown), Sandusky. RSVPs are required. Call
419-624-1856. Leave your name, phone number and the
name of this event. If we don’t attract 25 RSVPs you will
be notifed the forum is cancelled.
By Sue Daugherty
Supervisor of Consumer Directed Care
at the Area Offce on Aging of NW Ohio,