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800-564-1856 419-624-1856
Q: If I wanted to volunteer my time to drive for
Serving Our Seniors’ Out of Town Transportation
Program, what days would I drive? How often would
I have to drive?
A: You would only drive on days
that we are open. No holidays and
no weekends. We ask that you be
available to drive at least 12 times per
year. If you go south for the winter,
we ask that you please drive more
than one time per month while you are in Erie County.
If we call you and ask you to drive on a particular day,
and you cannot do it, don’t worry. It is OK to tell us you
are not available. We will call you back on another day
- probably in that same week or next week. For more
information call me. I would be happy to explain the
– Ora Williams, Clerical Support
Q: I have a legal question, but I can’t afford an
attorney. Can Serving Our Seniors help me?
A: Yes we can – indirectly. There is
a non-proft organization called “Pro
Seniors”. They will give Ohioans,
age 60+, up to 30 minutes to advise
you on a legal matter. The phone
number is 800-488-6070. If you would
like, we can call with you (using a
3-way phone call). We can take notes while the attorney
is talking. Should you need our assistance to follow the
attorneys advice, we are in a better position to assist you
– Wendy Boyer, Senior Advocate Assistant
Q: I just gave up my drivers license.
I’m embarrassed to ask, but I need
to know how do I ride the Sandusky
Transit System (STS)?
A: You shouldn’t be embarrassed that
you don’t know how to use STS. The
majority of people don’t know how to use public transit.
You’ll never know, until you ride it. Call our offce. Ask to
speak with a Senior Advocate Assistant and we will help
you set up your appointments for the bus to pick you up.
– Chris Ferguson, Quality Assurance Manager
Q: What is “Cost Sharing”?
A: Cost-sharing is something that
Serving Our Seniors does to make
our help affordable. The senior citizen
pays the portion that is within their
ability to pay and Serving Our Seniors
pays the balance. Cost-sharing
applies to our Handyman Program, Personal Care &
Housekeeping Program, Dental Project, Ramp Program.
Space limits me from explaining who qualifes for “cost-
sharing”. Give me a call and I’ll explain.
– Sue Kimball,
Senior Advocate Assistant
Q: I make $900/month. I can’t afford the monthly
premium that is deducted from my social security
check each month for Medicare Part B. But I have
to see my doctor each month, so I can’t afford to be
without it. What can I do?
A: There is a savings program
that exists to help people like you.
It’s called the Qualifed Medicare
Benefciary QMB) Program. If your
gross monthly income is $933.00/
month or less as a single person;
or $1,331/month as a married couple you qualify. The
federal government will pay your monthly premiums for
Part B, and it will also pay your deductibles and co-
payments for Parts A & B.
– Nancy Rodriguez, Senior
Advocate Assistant
Serving Our Seniors
419-624-1856 or 800-564-1856
Serving Our Seniors
is the FIRST place & the ONE
place to call for Erie County senior citizens who have
a question, problem or concern.
419-624-1856 or
Serving Our Seniors, 310 E. Boalt Street,
Sandusky, OH 44870