October - December 2019

Dear friends, In 2020, about 31% of Erie County residents will be aged 60 or older, increasing to 35% by 2030. How to adequately provide services for this growing number of people is a question that keeps me up at night. Clearly, this is a task that Serving Our Seniors alone cannot fulfill. We’ll need your help. The answer to my question lies in our willingness to come together in the true spirit of community. We must find ways to help people stay more self-sufficient longer. We need to generously share our individual resources—time, talent and treasure—to take care of each other, and in particular, to care for those who are not able to care for themselves, for whatever reasons. I am reassured when I look around and see people stepping up. Herm Robinson volunteers his time to further the mission of ACORN’s Ministries, committed to making our community a more loving place to live. Lois Johnson gives her time to schedule volunteer drivers for people who need a ride to a healthcare appointment. Linda Eyerman is creating a more positive attitude toward aging, while educating Vermilion students in the process. Larry Pitts launched BoomSquad to bridge the generation gap and promote lifelong learning. The 22nd annual Seniorfest was a volunteer-driven undertaking to let Erie County know that retirees still know how to have fun. These people are an inspiration and we applaud their efforts. They are the answer to my question, and the cure for my insomnia. If we are to adequately care for each other as we age, we need to follow their lead and join in. Please consider giving your time, talent or treasure—in whatever way is meaningful for you— to help us in our mission to promote independence for Erie County’s older adults. Your support is sincerely appreciated. Best regards, Sue Daugherty Sue Daugherty, Director Serving Our Seniors Report to the Community 8,680 Calls to Serving Our Seniors for Assistance 46,801 Actions Taken / Assistance Provided Nutrition 18,417 Hot Home Delivered Meals 744 Meals for Community Gatherings Transportation 1,453 Subsidized Transportation Clients 13,501 Subsidized Rides 328 Out of Town Trips 237 Out of Town Clients Priority Programs 43 New Ramps Installed 126 Ramps in Service 115 Handyman Services Services to Support Independent Living at Home Education Offered Medicare Education 862 Individual Counseling Sessions Financial Literacy Education 312 Individuals Attended Programs Forums on Topics for Sucessful Aging 332 Individuals Attended Reported as of 1st Quarter, FY 2019 3 www.servingourseniors.org