Serving Our Seniors Report to the Community 2,837 Calls to Serving Our Seniors for Assistance 12,090 Actions Taken to Provide Assistance Nutrition 6,741 Rural Hot Home Delivered Meals 0 Meals Served at Rural Luncheon Group (due to Covid-19) Affordable Transportation 118 Transportation Clients 1,790 Subsidized Rides throughout Erie County 0 Out of Town Trips to Health Care Appointments (Trips suspended March 17, 2020 due to Covid-19) Priority Programs 2 New Ramps Installed 130 Ramps in Service throughout Erie County 11 Handyman Services Services to Support Independent Living at Home Education Offered Medicare Education 98 Individual and Group Counseling Sessions 21 Learn ZOOM in Later Life 13 How to use the Patient Portal From the Director 2020 is an important election year. Serving Our Seniors Magazine is mailed to Erie County residents, age 55+, and therefore, all are of a legal age to vote. We implore you to take this civic duty responsibly. Voting is an American right, which many have died to protect and still it is often taken for granted. To illustrate this point, in the last 20 years the highest turn-out was 62.3% of those who were old enough to vote actually voted. This occurred in 2008. Voting is how we, as citizens, shape our nation, the State of Ohio and the Erie County community. Our vote determines who becomes an elected official and what programs and services are to be available to its citizens. Our vote is what will direct the future and influence our quality of life as an older American, an older Ohioan and an older Erie County resident. To request an absentee ballot from the Erie County Board of Elections, go to the office in person, 2900 Columbus Avenue, Sandusky. Or you can download the Application for an Absentee Ballot at www.ohiosos.gov . It is advised that you return this application for an Absentee Ballot right away. Don’t wait to the last minute. Regardless of your political affiliation, if you are a registered voter, please exercise your right to vote in the 2020 General Election. Stay well and please vote! Sincerely, Sue Daugherty May 2020 – July 2020 3