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Serving Our Seniors is someone to call when you need help.
419-624-1856 800-564-1856
Serving Our Seniors is working to help Erie County senior
citizens (age 60 +) keep their keys longer with the help of the
AAA Mature Driving Course.
An eight hour course, the Mature Driving Course will be held
October 22 & 23 (4 hours per day) from 10am – 2:30pm. The
course will be offered again on October 29 & 30, 2013. The
Mature Driving Course will be held at Zion Lutheran Church,
503 Columbus Ave. – Sandusky. To take the eight-hour course
costs $10.00/person. Each class will have a half hour break for
You are encouraged to pack your lunch.
The course is taught in a classroom setting. The “students” will
have a manual/workbook to fll out during the class. Instruction
includes video presentations, and a question & answer session
with an offcer from the State Highway Patrol. The course
concludes with a hands-on, individualized training called the
“Car Fit Program”. The AAA instructor teaches the students how
to make the best “ft” into their car for safer driving.
Enrollment is limited to the frst 25 people who submit their
payment at time of registration. To register submit your payment
of $10.00 to Serving Our Seniors, 310 E. Boalt St. – Sandusky
and which dates you would like to take the course. The
deadline for registration is October 18, 2013.
Keep Your
Keys Longer
Dear Serving Our Seniors,
I wish to tell you – on July 26 I started
Meals on Wheels. Much to my surprise
the meal was very good. I had thoughts
that – OK, I’ll try the meals for 10 days.
Needless to say I will need to continue
as I really am unable to cook for myself
due to illness – and wasn’t really getting
the needed quality or quantity of meals.
I feel so free now to be able to count
each day – looking forward to a well
balanced meal.
I want to tell you what a fne employee
you have in Anthony Pool. He came
to my house and set up my Meals on
Wheels. He called twice to see if I had
gotten them. The second call I had, I
had set up with a friend’s daughter to
come in and help me with cleaning.
Needless to say the daughter backed
out. When on the phone with Mr. Pool
I asked him about the service that
Serving Our Seniors has. This is such
a blessing. Thank you Serving Our
Seniors for all you do for us seniors. I’m
sure we are thankful for this.
When I was on the Fair Board you
came in and set up Senior Day at the
Fair. What a great day for all. I miss not
being able to go any more. Bless all of
the staff for helping our seniors. And
I love the magazine that you send –
I love it! Keep up the great work.
– Mary
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