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Serving Our Seniors is someone to call when you need help.
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Live life to the fullest
geriatric Clinic
from Fisher-Titus Rehabilitation Services
The Walcher Rehabilitation Center • Fisher-Titus Medical Center
272 Benedict Avenue, Norwalk
Fisher-Titus Medical Center’s Geriatric Clinic helps adults 65 and older
remain more independent by helping address the long-term health
concerns faced by them and their families. Through the Clinic, patients
are thoroughly screened in the areas of cognition,
nutrition,mobility, emotional well-being, andoverall
functional daily living skills. An interdisciplinary
team works closely with each individual’s primary
care physician and family members to address day-
to-day challenges and ongoing medical treatment.
Talk to your primary care physician about this program or call us at
for more information.
second Friday in
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