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Serving Our Seniors is someone to call when you need help.
419-624-1856 800-564-1856
The picture above is a spoof! The “actors” are real Out
of Town Transportation Volunteers - going out of their
way to get your attention. Now that we have it… Will you
donate one day per month to drive an Erie County senior
citizen, who is functionally independent, to a health care
appointment, located out of town? (ie, Cleveland, Toledo,
Columbus and anywhere in between.)
It doesn’t take much to make a compassionate
community, when many people are willing to do a little.
We have drivers ages 62 – 80+ who drive a Serving
Our Seniors vehicle one day per month. The volunteer
can pick their own day they want to drive. There are no
appointments on holidays or weekends.
To ensure the safety of everyone involved, a volunteer
is cleared to drive if he/she has 0 points on their driver’s
license, passes a criminal background and a geriatric
driving assessment arranged for and paid for by Serving
Our Seniors.
Last year volunteers drove 99 Erie County senior citizens
to get to 401 health care appointments.
Call us at 419-624-1856 or 800-564-1856.
Now That We Have Your Attention…
Won’t You Volunteer to Drive for
Serving Our Seniors’ Out of Town Medical Transportation Program?