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Dear Serving Our Seniors,
I have been involved with your organization since
your inception. I am fortunate that I am one of those
people who are aware of why you are here and what
you do to help senior citizens. Because I know what
Serving Our Seniors does, I was able to get money
that was owed to me by an unscrupulous business
For the last 9 months I have been so upset over
being taken advantage of by a local business. I took
it to my attorney who didn’t have any interest in my
case. He respectfully said there was nothing he
could do about this matter and he did not charge me
for his time.
I know your organization does not
practice law, but you are advocates for
senior citizens. I needed someone
to advocate for me! It gave me such a sense of
relief to walk into your offce knowing that I had an
appointment to see Anthony Pool. He listened to
me and he took notes. He was very good! I had
three sessions with him and he helped me fle the
complaint, explaining how I was exploited.
In May 2013 I received a check in the mail for what I
was owed, $780.55, thanks to Mr. Pool and Serving
Our Seniors. I’m writing this because it is very
important that more senior citizens understand that
this is one of the reasons Serving Our Seniors was
started. Thank you, Mr. Pool for your help.
Bob Jacobs