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By and large, it is the lack of
knowledge/information that is
responsible for unsuccessful
aging. Our agency and Serving
Our Seniors Magazine exists to
counter-act that phenomenon.
If you have a question or if you
are confronted with an issue that
is problematic for you in later life, please call us at
419-624-1856 or 800-564-1856. Ask to speak with a
Senior Advocate Assistant. We are here to advocate
for your ability to maintain your independence –
regardless of your income.
800-564-1856 419-624-1856
From the
Aging is a complicated business. That is why in
1996 a group of senior citizen activists founded
Serving Our Seniors. They wanted one place to call
when a resident of Erie County, age 60 or better,
had a question/problem/concern. High, middle or
low income – all could be empowered with accurate
information and an advocate who would help them
resolve their question or concern.
The ultimate goal is that people of older age are
taken as seriously and given the same respect as
young and middle-aged adults. Until our culture
changes, Erie County senior citizens have a place to
turn to, with an advocate who will help to address the
senior citizen’s issue.
-Sue Daugherty
Do not regret growing older. It is a privilege
denied to many.
- From the internet, Sarah Widman
One morning a grandma woke up
completely surprised that her 7 year old
grandson had made her coffee. She smiled
as she choked down the worst tasting
coffee she had ever had in her life.
When she fnished she found 3 green
plastic Army men at the bottom of her cup.
She asked him, “Honey, what are these
Army men doing in my cup?”
Her grandson answered - “Like it says on
T.V. Grandma, the best part of waking up is
soldiers in your cup!!”
- From the internet, Sarah Widman
Learn & Pass It On…
- Submitted by Julie Baumbick
• There are two words that always draw a crowd - “FREE
• I should keep my words soft and gentle, because tomorrow
I may have to eat them.
• If you leave clothes in an ironing pile long enough, you can
sell them in a yard sale.
• A good way to save money is to be too busy to go
• When your spouse asks for a kiss you shouldn’t say “I
already did”.
• It doesn’t make any difference whether or not you name
your cat. He never comes when you call, anyway.
• Never hire a plumber who bites his fngernails or an
electrician who has burnt eyebrows.
• A woman who can potty train triplets can do anything.
• Your car always runs better going home.
• A 5 year old learned that you can’t hide a piece of broccoli
in a glass of milk, goldfsh don’t like jello, and the best time
to ask your dad if you can do something is when he is