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Two Offcers Respond to Elder Abuse:
“We Knew Older People Don’t Just Disappear”
Two Sandusky Police offcers Kevin Yousklevicz and
Eric Costante, are to be applauded for their aggressive
response to a report of a “missing” senior citizen. The
“missing” older adult was not suffering from any form
of memory impairment. Both offcers knew that her
disappearance warranted an answer.
They called the hospital and found she had been treated
for a laceration and broken ribs. They then called area
nursing homes until she was located. When offcers
arrived at her room, in plain clothes, she appeared
relieved to see them. She had worked with Offcer
Yousklevicz from 1994-1996. At frst she started to open
up. Then she caught herself and would choose her words
so as not to infer abuse had taken place. By doing so,
she was protecting her son, who is now being charged
with elder abuse.
Offcer Constante credits Offcer Yousklevicz, and the
relationship he had with the abused elder for cracking this
case. “Victims are often guarded. It was Kevin who made
her feel comfortable so she would talk.”
Offcer Constante wants people to know, “There is help
out there. You don’t have to be a victim. We know that
relationships can become strained. Yet, no one deserves
to be abused. We can help”.
Offcer Yousklevicz added, “All you have to do is pick
up a phone. Even if you are afraid to call yourself, ask
someone to call on your behalf. It is honorable to want
to take care of your parent, but not if you are resorting to
Their fnal words of advice, “If you see something, say
something.” If there isn’t enough evidence to make an
arrest when the police arrive on the scene, the reports
are made and kept in a database until enough evidence
exists to justify an arrest.
Sandusky Police Offcers Eric Constante
(L) and Kevin Yousklevicz (R).