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Serving Our Seniors is someone to call when you need help.
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Tax Planning & Preparaton
Estate & Gif Planning
Healthcare Cost Analysis
Gifing Strategies
Retrement Planning
Estate & Trust Return Preparaton
Business Succession Planning
Social Security & Medicare Planning
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Our experts use planning to help you avoid the bad ones.
Some Surprises Are Good
How Does Serving Our Seniors Use Its Money
to Help Erie County Senior Citizens Maintain Their Independence
15% Administrative Costs.
$161,169.31 was spent in administrative costs.
85% Program Costs.
$917,838.48 spent on direct service to Erie County residents, age 60+
Problem Solving Service.
Serving Our Seniors received calls from 2,239 individuals who had 8,921
questions / problems / concerns. 95% of the inquiries were resolved.
Senior Advocate Program.
21 clients / month coordinating care & services. 9 – 24 additional clients /
month to resolve specifc diffculties jeopardizing the older person’s independence.
Affordable Medications Program.
Subsidized the purchase of 84 prescriptions of injectable insulin;
helped 44 senior citizens obtain free medications from the manufacturer each month; An average of 49
senior citizens / month received 1,503 prescriptions for the year, dispensed by the Drug Repository Program
at the cost of $9.99 to $19.99 / prescription.
Rural Home Delivered Meal Program.
Serving Our Seniors funded the delivery of 21,276 meals delivered
to an average of 94 rural older adults.
Rural Luncheon Groups.
Serving Our Seniors funded 3,597 meals to senior luncheon groups on Kelley’s
Island and in Florence Township.
Ramp Program.
30 new ramps were installed. On September 30, 2013 a total of 101 clients throughout
Erie County were using a ramp provided by Serving Our Seniors.
Out of Town Medical Transportation.
462 trips to help 118 seniors get to necessary health care
appointments located out of town (Toledo, Cleveland, Columbus, etc.). All trips were driven by volunteers.
Weekday Transportation Program.
Serving Our Seniors funded 10,771 local transportation trips used by
180 seniors.
Personal Care & Housekeeping.
An average of 38 older adults / month received 3,939.75 hours of in-
home service.
Handyman Program.
Serving Our Seniors funded 101 minor home repairs for 80 Erie County seniors.
Ray & Marian Koch Fund.
This fund addressed 42 urgent needs of older adults (food, doctor, dentist).
Phone Raiser.
Serving Our Seniors raised $302.00 for the Prevention of Financial Elder Abuse by collecting
unwanted cell phones and empty computer printer ink cartridges. PLEASE DONATE!
Dental Project.
Serving Our Seniors assisted 24 senior citizens with general dental needs up to $500.00
per person.
Denture Project.
Serving Our Seniors assisted 11 clients with the cost of dentures, up to $2,000.00 per
Hearing Aid Project.
Serving Our Seniors provided refurbished hearing aids to 4 clients. Working with
area providers and using donations of unwanted over the ear hearing aids from the community enabled
these individuals to regain their hearing.