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Their Country
Marine Lance Corporal, Bill
Porter, (Berlin Hts), Marines.
Enlisted when his best friend
asked him to go into the military
“on the buddy system”. So he did
on July 17, 1968. He remembers
basic training was cut down from
12 weeks to 8 weeks, because the
soldiers were needed in Viet Nam.
He enlisted with his best friend,
Jim Dunlap who asked him to
enlist “on the buddy system”. He
received his training at Parris
Island and Camp Lejeune. He
went to Camp Pendleton California
for “staging” for oversees to Viet
Nam. At age 19 he was a combat
engineer and was assigned to
the 1st and 3rd Marines FMF Fleet Marine Force and
served two tours of duty in Viet Nam from 1968- 1971.
Following active duty he remained in the Marine
Reserves as a Corporal for six years.
Marine Lance Corporal Jimmy Dee,
(Sandusky), Marines .
Enlisted into the Marines at age
22. Four or fve friends decided
to enlist together on the buddy
system before they were drafted.
When Jimmy went down to the
recruiter’s station he was the
only one that showed up. He was
part of the 3rd Marine Division
from 1956 – 1962. His military
occupation was a combat position
as a “Scout Observer”. He served 6
years and has been all over the Far
East, traveling over 200,000 miles
on ships. “The discipline was tough,
but I didn’t mind it. We had a lot of
fun”. He was honorably discharged
as a Marine Lance Corporal.
Corporal Clyde Keels,
(Sandusky), Marines.
Drafted into the Marines in April
1952. In the midst of the Korean
War he completed boot camp at
Parris Island, South Carolina. He
remembers 80 recruits were in
his company at the start and 26
graduated. Only three soldiers
graduated as a PFC and Clyde
was one of the three. He was
transferred to Camp Lejeune
for his military occupation as a
cook. He served in Puerto Rico
as baker for six months. He was
transferred back to Camp Lejeune
in preparation to be stationed in
Korea. In August 1953 he was
enroute to Korea. Two days into his travels the Korean
War ended. He was then stationed in Japan until his
honorable discharge on March 18, 1954. He continued
his service in the Marine Reserves for six more years.
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