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For Karl Andres
Erie County resident, Karl Andres,
age 76, looks as ft as a fddle.
He started running when he was
20 years old. He was motivated
by the Kenneth Cooper aerobic
exercise movement in the 1970’s.
His commitment to running became
more serious at age 37. That’s when
he started running longer distances
and running in marathons, half
marathons and 5Ks. He ran his last marathon in 1987.
He is an ambitious personality who is positive about
life and aging. “Life is so exciting. You can do a
multitude of things every day. Even if I take a walk
with my wife, outside, it is just an exciting thing for me.
Being able to mow the grass, do yard work – even
cleaning my car. I love doing these things. I can’t
imagine anything more boring than sitting around and
doing nothing.”
Most of his friends are in his age group and involved
in some type of sport, whether that be
running, biking or swimming. His wife,
Phyllis, is a walker. She walks every
day. In the winter, they don’t let weather
stop them. They both go to NOMFC
(Northern Ohio Medical Fitness Center).
His motivated attitude doesn’t let his age
stop him from setting new goals. For
pleasure his comfortable running pace is
a 9 minute mile. He ran hard this winter
on a treadmill – 6-7 days per week. He was training to
get into the 7 minute mile range. In the spring of 2014
he ran in a 5 K and averaged an 8 minute mile.
His sage advice to others about aging is this… “The
important thing is to look ahead, stay active and do a
lot of things. Even if your ability is to just walk around
the block and walk around the mall… Do it. Build up
from there.”
To watch Karl Andres in action, go to our website and
type in the search window Video Karl Running
Senior Citizens “ROCK”
Performers to Open for Great Lakes Teen Talent Search Show
Some things only get better with time – and so it is
with performing. Serving Our Seniors is working with
Sandusky City Schools so that our future leaders will
see a newer and truer image of what growing older can
really mean.
On November 2, 2014 at 2pm, Sandusky High School will
be hosting the “Great Lakes Teen Talent Search”, which
is open to Erie, Huron and Ottawa County teens (13 -18
years). The most talented performers in: Dance, Music,
Art and Drama will compete for entry into the Great Lakes
Center for the Fine and Performing Arts.
Serving Our Seniors is proud to announce that talented
performers, ages 60 and better have been selected to be
the opening act for this special event. Those performers
include, but are not limited to: Jimmy Jackson and the
J-Marcs of Sandusky; Dick Davie singing “New York, New
York”; Denny Rolison singing “In the Still of the Night”;
Joe Santoro ballroom dancing with his dance partners
Gail Finn and Debi Barnum. An intergenerational HIP-
HOP Dance routine is also in the works.
Tickets are available to purchase at Serving Our Seniors,
301 E. Boalt Street – Sandusky or at Sandusky High
School. $5.00 for adults and $3.00 for students.
Jimmy Jackson
Dick Davie
Karl and Phyllis Andres