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Serving Our Seniors is someone to call when you need help.
419-624-1856 800-564-1856
1019 W. Perkins Avenue
Sandusky, Ohio
What It Means for Ohio Medicare & Medicaid Consumers in 2014
January 2014 is the implementation date for the
Affordable Care Act. Exactly, what does that mean? Do
you know how the Affordable Care Act (also known as
Obama Care or Health Care Reform) will affect YOU?
If you are receiving health insurance coverage through
Medicare or Medicaid - or if you are anticipating getting
your insurance through the Medicaid expansion in Ohio,
you can’t afford to miss this forum. This is not a debate
over whether or not there should be health care reform. It
is a dialogue between audience and panel, so you can get
your questions answered by those who are in-the-know.
The forum is called: Understanding Health Care Reform
- Part 2: What it Means for Ohio Medicare & Medicaid
Consumers in 2014”, Friday, July 26, 10am – noon,
Sandusky Community Church of the Nazarene, 1617
Milan Road – Sandusky, Ohio 44870
Panelists will be:
John McCarthy, Director, Ohio
Medicaid; Kim Storms, Ohio KePro, Internal Quality
Control Specialist, Manager of Case Review of Medicare
patients; David Painter, Educator/Trainer, Ohio Senior
Health Insurance Information Program, Ohio Department
of Insurance; Ohio Senator Randy Gardner; Rob Moore,
VP General Counsel, Firelands Regional Medical
Center; Jane Arnold, VP Revenue Cycle Management,
Firelands Regional Medical Center; Sue Rowe, for US
Congresswoman Marcy Kaptur; Wes Fahrbach, for US
Senator Rob Portman;
Confrmations are still pending for:
Ann Orr, for US Senator
Sherrod Brown; Ohio
Representative Chris
An audience of 200
or more is required
to justify the time and
travel of the speakers.
RSVP, no later than July
24. Call 419-624-1856 or 800-564-1856. Ask for Sarah’s
voicemail. State your name, phone number and the name
of this forum. You will be contacted if we are unsuccessful
attracting 200.
If you live beyond the city limits of Sandusky or beyond
a proximal point in Perkins Township, then you live in the
“Rural Hot Home Delivered Meals” delivery area. The
Rural Hot Home Delivered Meal Program asks its
consumers for an anonymous donation. $3.00/meal is
suggested, any amount is appreciated. Even if you can’t
give, you will still receive the meal – if you qualify.
Household income has nothing to do with whether or
not you qualify to receive Rural Hot Home Delivered
It has everything to do with being at nutritional risk.
Meals are not delivered for the sake of convenience. This
program is designed to assist people age 60+, to
maintain their independence. Meals are delivered
because of diffculty shopping/getting groceries; and/or
the functional capacity to prepare it. Some examples of
nutritional risk include, but are not limited to: Having
diffculties getting out to shop for food;
recuperating from a hospital discharge;
lacking the health/strength/stamina to
prepare a meal; having problems with
memory; and lack of appetite.
If you live in the rural delivery area,
Senior Advocate, Anthony Pool will come
to your home to meet you and determine if you qualify. If
it appears that you might have the functional capacity to
prepare your meals, he will arrange for an occupational
therapist to do a functional capacity assessment for meal
preparation. The occupational therapist has expertise to
identify ways to boost your own ability to prepare your
own meals that is within your functional limitations. If this
does not work, then the person qualifes for the Rural Hot
Home Delivered Meal Program.
Who Qualifes to Receive Rural Hot Home Delivered Meals?
-Anthony Pool,
Senior Advocate