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Q: Do I have to be low income to use the Out of Town
Transportation Program?
A: No, Out of Town Medical Transportation
is for anyone living in Erie County, age
60+ – regardless of income. The only
requirement is the passenger must be
able to meet their own needs getting into
and out of the vehicle and able to get to
and from their appointments without any
assistance from the driver. The drivers are simply drivers.
They are not trained in any way to assist with ambulation/
walking; maneuvering wheelchairs beyond loading and
unloading. This is a volunteer operated transportation
– Ora Williams, Clerical Support
Q: Does Serving Our Seniors take used cell phones
and ink jet cartridges?
A: Yes, Please drop them off at Serving Our
Seniors, 310 E. Boalt Street – Sandusky.
We turn them in and use the money to fund
our work to prevent fnancial elder abuse/
– Nancy Rodriguez, Senior
Advocate Assistant
Serving Our Seniors
Q: I have been diagnosed with having early stage
Alzheimer’s Disease. I’m still living at home and
driving. I don’t want to tell anyone, because I’m afraid
I will be put into a nursing home. Who can help me
maintain my ability to live independently with this
A: We are advocates for older adults and
their right to maintain their independence.
We recognize that having Alzheimer’s
Disease doesn’t automatically justify
nursing home placement. However,
maintaining your independence while
coping with changes in your memory does
require planning. Serving Our Seniors and the Alzheimer’s
Association – NW Ohio Chapter are working in partnership
to help Erie County residents in your situation. Call us!
Ask to speak with me or my co-worker, Anthony Pool.
419-624-1856 or 800-564-1856. We want to support you
in your quest to maintain your independence.
– Chris Ferguson, QA Manager
419-624-1856 or 800-564-1856
800-564-1856 419-624-1856