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From the
-Sue Daugherty
In this issue of the magazine I hope we motivate you to
participate in four events to stimulate your funny bone,
body, mind and generous spirit. As the cover of our
magazine suggests, we are going to lift your spirits and
relive the days of Frankie Avalon & Annette Funicello at
Senior Fest, Aug. 8th.
You will also read about ways to become wiser through
two educational offerings - “Living A Full Life After a
Diagnosis of Alzheimer’s Disease” and “Understanding
Financial Elder Abuse: The Crime, The Shame & The
Financial Elder Abuse is the newest epidemic and it is up
to all of us to cure this awful social ill.
For the body we hope you will be part of “The Masters
Challenge”, a non-competitive event to help you explore
new & FUN ways to become more physically active.
For your generous spirit participate in our two fund-
raisers - a garage sale extravaganza and our shopping
spree at Cardinal Grocery.
Only through the power of an engaged older population
can we make Erie County a compassionate community
that supports aging independently and with dignity.
Finally, if you enjoy this magazine, please tell the
advertisers that you appreciate their advertising support.
The magazine and its delivery to your mailbox is at no
cost to you. It is our advertisers who make Serving Our
Seniors Magazine, possible. Thank you!