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Serving Our Seniors is someone to call when you need help.
419-624-1856 800-564-1856
July 11,
1 pm – 3 pm,
“That’s Not Normal Aging”
, Dr.
Eric Mast, Dr. Crystal Parks, social worker/gerontologist,
Cheryl Conley, Alzheimer’s Association - NW Ohio will
debunk a variety of misconceptions about what is NOT
normal aging. The panel will answer questions about a
variety of conditions that the general public erroneously
believes to be a “normal” part of aging. (i.e., muscle
weakness and infexibility, memory loss, poor stamina,
etc…). Erie Co. Services Center, 3rd Floor, 2900
Columbus Ave. – Perkins Twp.
July 17, Aug. 15, Sept. 18,
11 am – 12 noon,
– A social and educational experience
for those experiencing forgetfulness or mild confusion.
Family or friends are welcome to come along as guests.
(This is not a support group meeting.) Sandusky
Community Church of the Nazarene, 1617 Milan Rd. –
July, 17, Aug. 15, Sept. 18,
1 pm – 2 pm –
With Brenda”
– a gerontologist with the Alzheimer’s
Association – NW Ohio is here to answer questions
anyone might have about memory changes they are
experiencing or seeing in others. NO RSVP required.
Just drop in. Sandusky Community Church of the
Nazarene, 1617 Milan Rd. – Sandusky.
Aug. 8,
9 am – 3:30 pm – Senior Fest 2014 is a
Beach Party”
at the Erie County Fair. Admission into the
fairgrounds and into Senior Fest is FREE for anyone age
60+. No children, please. Seating is limited to the frst
400 who arrive on a frst-come, frst-serve basis. Lunch
is provided at the cost of an anonymous donation.
Aug. 21,
9:30 am – 4:30 pm –
“Living A Full Life
After A Diagnosis of Alzheimer’s Disease or
Related Dementia”
. This is a full day educational
conference FREE for Erie County family caregivers and
persons with memory loss. 5 CEU’s for social workers.
Nurses may use social work CE’s. Cost is $50.00
for professionals, $25.00 for students and STNA’s.
Register no later than August 14. Call the Alzheimer’s
Association – NW Ohio Chapter at 800-272-3900.
Aug. 29,
Deadline to register for
“The Masters
(see page 18 for details). Sign up for
one day or all 5 days and be part of “The Masters
Challenge”. From Sept. 15 – Sept. 19, enjoy this
non-competitive event to help Erie Co. residents, age
60+, explore new ways to have fun and become more
physically active. It’s FREE!!
Sept. 13,
10 am – 3 pm
Erie Co. Offce Bldg Parking
Garage, corner of Columbus Ave & Market Street –
Unless otherwise stated, an audience of 25 or more is required to justify holding the event. Please
RSVP at least 2 business days before the forum by calling 419-624-1856. Ask for Sarah’s voicemail
and leave your name, phone number and the date and time of the event you will attend.
Register Now!
Erie County residents age 60+ are invited to register
for Understanding Financial Elder Abuse: The Crime,
The Shame & The Solutions. A refundable $10 deposit
is required. The $10 will be reimbursed for those who
attend the symposium on October 10, 2014. Call for
more information 800-564-1856.