To provide services that support Erie County Citizens, age 60+, to continue healthy living and to maintain their functional independence.

To accomplish our mission, Serving Our Seniors works to provide a full spectrum of quality services for older adults living in Erie County, Ohio, to assist them in maintaining their independence, and enable them to live full, active, healthy lives in their own residence.


In 1996, Judge Jane Lucal, Ray and Marian Koch co-founded Serving Our Seniors to ensure that services for older adults would be available to all of Erie County, including the rural areas which are often underserved. Serving Our Senior’s Board of Directors serve on a voluntary basis, representing various geographic areas within Erie County.

Sparky Weilnau, President
Patti Krewson, Vice President
Sharon Turini-Kent, Secretary
Dave Brink, Treasurer
Linda Eyerman, Trustee, Vermilion
Dick Grubbe, Trustee, Huron Twp.
Steve Hafner, Trustee, Perkins Twp.
Cathy Kirby, Trustee, Perkins Twp.
Brenda Register-Jones, Trustee, Sandusky
Marcia Renande, Trustee, Perkins Twp.
Miriam Tommas, Trustee, Groton Twp.
Judy Williams, Trustee, Vermilion
Ken Wood, Trustee, Sandusky
Darlene Walk, Trustee, Sandusky
Sue Daugherty, Executive Director